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HDMI working, but screen green...

Auteur Bericht
Fri 10 Aug, 2018 09:46

HDMI working, but screen green...


Wish my first post wasn't to troubleshooting but it is:Using the standard debian release downloaded from this site. Anyway, everything starts up fine, my TV is detected but the screen is green (actually, a couple of times it was blue), as in only the green signal's coming through. Cable's fine, I use it with my cable box with no problem. It doesn't seem to matter which screen mode I try. The TV's a samsung LE32R41BD which is capable of up to 1360x768 at 60Hz.Is this likely a firmware issue which I can solve by updating to a more recent version, or does it sound more hardware? Is there more information you need?

Please help.

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