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Dutch CF Registry 2017 - Treatment

IV antibiotics 


If antibiotics in the form of a tablet or by inhalation are not sufficient to get rid of bacteria or fungi, medication is administered by IV (intravenous) drip: directly into the blood stream. The medication can be administered at the hospital or at home, and treatment can last from a few days to a few weeks. In 2017,
28% of adults and 24% of children were given IV antibiotics in hospital. 20% of adults and 17% of children could (also) be given these antibiotics at home.

Figure 1 below shows information on IV administration in recent years.


The Registry also records how many days a person is treated with IV antibiotics. Figure 2 below shows how many days in total patients were given IV treatment per age group. The number of days of the group 18 years and older is the highest, because these are all the adults (more than 50% of the total number of patients with CF).