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Dutch CF Registry 2017 - Treatment

Medication for the respiratory and digestive tracts 


In order to remove bacteria and fungi from the lungs, specialists often prescribe antibiotics that are inhaled through the mouth and lungs (inhalation antibiotics). In 2017, 24% of children and 59% of adults required this type of medication.

Patients with CF also take other medication for the respiratory tract, as well as for the digestive tract.

There are several forms of inhalation antibiotics. Figure 1 below shows which drugs were used by how many people in 2017.


Patients with CF also take drugs to optimise the pulmonary function. Figure 2 below shows the percentage of people treated for respiratory problems and the drugs used.


Besides respiratory problems, patients often also have problems with their digestion. There are also various drugs available for these problems. The percentage of patients with CF using drugs to promote digestion is shown in Figure 3 below.